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A Special Announcement

Our very own player of Isla has made this post on She’s a Super Geek talking about her change-of-name which is now official. Please give it a good read!

Long live Andi! 🙂 Please everyone support her and show her some love. Changing your name is a huge thing and her courage to find a moniker that she loves is to be admired – so start admiring! 🙂

Starting with the next episode release, we will start using her chosen name.

Bonus Materiel for Patreons

There is about 6 hours of our “Lost Episodes” up in the Patreon Dropbox now. So stuff that was badly recorded in our first full session after character creation!

While there was no editing for content, sound audio and additional editing consultation was done by Alex of !!! Thank you so much, Alex!


Help Review us – be a Beta Tester!

We partnered with an up and coming company called Podchaser, a new website for podcast listeners to rate and review their favorite podcast episodes! (Think of it as a user-driven IMDB / GoodReads for Podcasters!

Visit the website at and review your favorite episodes from our show. Use the key RedemptionPod to gain exclusive access. Only the first 100 listeners can join, so hurry over!

(While you’re at it, check out this awesome article about Podchaser: )

Redemption Seasons and Episode Numbering

I’ve had a few questions recently from new listeners asking “Where do I start?? Do I really need to listen to 219 hours of your podcast?”

The answer is, of course you do.

No, just kidding. We don’t have 219 hours of episodes. 🙂 Our Episode numbering follows the TV-episode numbering scheme where it is SEASON+EPISODE – so episode 218 is episode 18 of Season 2.

I believe once we are into Season 3 we will switch to the format of S03E01 or 3×01 for less confusion – but just wanted to make sure we weren’t scaring anyone away with our numbering scheme.

Some Listener Feedback in the Wild!

A  few of our fans have spoken up on Reddit – and with nothing but praise for the podcast!

Some choice quotes:


The full thread can be found on Reddit here.

Thank you guys for your feedback!

It’s been One Year….

On this date, October 15th, we want to take a moment to thank all of you awesome folks who have been listening to us. Last year on this date we launched Redemption and put out our first episode!  (Though to be fair, we’d been working on this since August 2015 :D)

Now we’re a year older, and we’ve released 31 for you guys to enjoy. We’ve learned a ton of lessons about equipment quality, sound editing, story building and more. We’ve made great friends in the podcasting community, launched a Patreon, joined a kick-ass Network, ran games at conventions and met quite a few fans!

They say most podcasts fade out and die before 8-12 months have passed. We just proved that we aren’t most podcasts.  We aren’t done telling our stories, not by a long shot! We will keep putting out episodes as long as you guys keep enjoying our stories, and as long as we keep having fun doing it.

So thank you, everyone. It’s been an *amazing* 12 months, and we can’t wait to see what happens over the next 12. 

Updated Release Schedule

redemptionlogo-laarge-newWe’re going to be upgrading our release schedule *starting today* to a bi-weekly schedule! Look for the new episode to drop in just a few minutes!

Every other monday – new episodes of Redemption! On the opposite mondays, our Patrons on Patreon will get outtakes from the previous week’s episodes! It’s a win-win if you are one of our supporters. 🙂

Patreon Update

Just want to remind everyone that we launched our Patreon officially just last week – with the release of episode 204! You can find a link to it at – and we already have a few Patreons (Patrons?) and we thank them so very much for the support.

They already have access to the Secret Archive of our outtakes and bloopers, and Patrons (Patreons? Someone tell me which is right!) get updates on off-episode weeks!

Patreon launch!

We’ve been at this podcast thing now for coming up on a year by now and we’ve had a few people ask – so this weekend we’re officially announcing our Patreon campaign!
We’ve been tweaking and changing out the rewards until now we think we have something really neat for everyone. This is another way you can help us support our podcast’s development and costs. (The others being written reviews, and sharing out our social media posts and episodes)
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