Month: January 2016


After an invigorating “meeting” with the denizens of the rougher parts of Ruusan’s nightlife, Tazi and the crew find themselves being escorted back to the main governmental offices of Separatist leader WRAIF GOLDAR by his “bodyguard” slash “wookie-poodoo-eye-afflicted companion”, TSAR HAZMERR. Edit: This was originally…


Our GM, and player of R3-A1, Chris Burlew, guest stars on this week’s “Party of One” podcast playing Feng Shui 2!…/05-feng-shui-2-with-chris-burlew


With ship and intra-party repairs well underway, the crew of the Krallet’s Fang find themselves at a crossroads – with time to decide what their next move will be. Will it be a simple cargo run, or instead might they find themselves looking for trouble…