Month: May 2016

Episode News, and New Social Media

First off, Redemption now has a presence on Google+!  Feel free to circle us there so you can get all the Redemption News.

Secondly, our next episode – Episode 17 – will be out on June 1st. This episode will mark the end of the current “season” and we will launch “Season 2” with our June 15th Episode. Season 2 will start off with some guests from the convention game Chris ran earlier this year at Marmalade Dog.

New Domain

Just so y’all know, we now own! You can still reach us at our original URL, but this one is much easier to remember. 🙂

Episode 116 – Ghost Stories

After a cold snow-speeder ride across the icy plains of TOOLA, the crew find themselves at the entrance to an ancient temple. The FORCE is strong here, and the place is long deserted. Or is it?

Show Links:

Edit: This was originally named “Episode 16” before we switched to a Seasonal episode format.

Site Update

Did some minor tweaks to the site today, including links to the great shows in the RPG Academy network, in addition we have a new link at the top to see a rough timeline of the currently published episodes!


Redemption no longer stands alone in a dark galaxy long ago, and far, far away.

We’ve joined The RPG Academy Network of Podcasts!  (You can find the announcement here on Reddit)


In celebration, we’ll release a new episode this weekend! 🙂

Episode 115 – A Chilly Reception

Having hastily retreated from their encounter with COUNT DOOKU, the Krallet’s Fang made port on the icy world of TOOLA. As they prepare for a cold, snow filled journey towards Karrell’s quest, the boys have made some new friends in a local bar…

AcadeCon Kickstarter:

Edit: This was originally named “Episode 15” before we switched to a Seasonal episode format.