Month: June 2016


In this first episode of Season 2, the crew leaves behind the ice planet TOOLA and returns to KASHYYK where a meeting with another crew may bring new information to light about Tazi’s father… if the price is right. Guest Stars: Jacob Cohen as the Devaronian…


As Season 2 approaches, the voice actors and guests wanted to give new listeners an overview of what happened in the 17 episodes that make up Season 1. Guest Starring: Jacob Cohen


Astute listeners will note that we changed the numbering of our episodes – the latest being episode #117. This is because we have decided to try and use a more tv-ish Season denotation for our story. As #117 wraps up Karrell’s current arc, this seemed…


Shining stars found in the ice, old secrets found, and ghosts are hunting Kaio,  A-1 and Tazi — what else will the crew find in the snowy, abandoned temple before they can make their escape? Special Guest: Kris Burger as Master Vannel Dane.