Month: June 2016

Episode 201 – No Laughing Matter

In this first episode of Season 2, the crew leaves behind the ice planet TOOLA and returns to KASHYYK where a meeting with another crew may bring new information to light about Tazi’s father… if the price is right.

Guest Stars:

Jacob Cohen as the Devaronian Privateer,  Fete.
Andy Barrett as the Besalisk enforcer, Arms.
And Jeff Hewartson as the Gank Mechanic, Mech.

Notes: This episode grew out of the game Chris ran at a convention back in Feb 2016 called Marmalade Dog – the players of that game (some of which are our guests in this episode) undertook a mission that they will talk about in this episode, and that tied into the Redemption storyline.

Also, this was released a day early because we’ll be at Origins on the 15th. 🙂

Episode Numbering

Astute listeners will note that we changed the numbering of our episodes – the latest being episode #117. This is because we have decided to try and use a more tv-ish Season denotation for our story. As #117 wraps up Karrell’s current arc, this seemed to be a good place for a season break.

So all 1xx episodes are Season 1, and starting with our next episode, we will be in Season 2. Episode 201 will drop on schedule on June 15th, but we will have a Season 1 recap episode coming out before then – so keep your podcatchers peeled!