Month: August 2016

Updated Release Schedule

redemptionlogo-laarge-newWe’re going to be upgrading our release schedule *starting today* to a bi-weekly schedule! Look for the new episode to drop in just a few minutes!

Every other monday – new episodes of Redemption! On the opposite mondays, our Patrons on Patreon will get outtakes from the previous week’s episodes! It’s a win-win if you are one of our supporters. 🙂

Episode 205 – Rule Number One

A trip through RODIA’s underworld has the crew splitting up to cover all their bases. Half of them continuing the search for where they might find TAZI’s father, and the other half risking their skins at an underground event in search of their missing bounty hunter ….

Show Notes:

Redemption will be at GrandCon on September 16-18. Chris and Kendall will be running games, and our Patreons have their first chance to demand high-fives from any of the crew!

Patreon Update

Just want to remind everyone that we launched our Patreon officially just last week – with the release of episode 204! You can find a link to it at – and we already have a few Patreons (Patrons?) and we thank them so very much for the support.

They already have access to the Secret Archive of our outtakes and bloopers, and Patrons (Patreons? Someone tell me which is right!) get updates on off-episode weeks!

Episode 204 – Urban Decay

After an enforced interview and detention with law enforcement, the crew continues their investigation to try and find TAZI’s father before he can kill a senator. Personal tensions and misleading information cause more problems, and another trip into RODIA’s seedy underbelly may make matters even worse than they thought …