Month: October 2016

Episode 210 – Chasing Tazi

The revelation that KAIO is being hunted by the BLACK SUN has surprised the crew and caused a lot of tension between them. However, with TAZI’s father captured by the bounty-hunter-droid HIKSA they need to focus on finding the elder Tazi and recovering him without giving up KAIO to the crime syndicate’s non-existent tender mercy…

It’s been One Year….

On this date, October 15th, we want to take a moment to thank all of you awesome folks who have been listening to us. Last year on this date we launched Redemption and put out our first episode!  (Though to be fair, we’d been working on this since August 2015 :D)

Now we’re a year older, and we’ve released 31 for you guys to enjoy. We’ve learned a ton of lessons about equipment quality, sound editing, story building and more. We’ve made great friends in the podcasting community, launched a Patreon, joined a kick-ass Network, ran games at conventions and met quite a few fans!

They say most podcasts fade out and die before 8-12 months have passed. We just proved that we aren’t most podcasts.  We aren’t done telling our stories, not by a long shot! We will keep putting out episodes as long as you guys keep enjoying our stories, and as long as we keep having fun doing it.

So thank you, everyone. It’s been an *amazing* 12 months, and we can’t wait to see what happens over the next 12. 

Episode 209 – A Wanted Man

Attempting to leave RODIA behind, the crew was intercepted by an H-K droid who demanded they turn over KAIO or he would kill them. Of course, they resisted, and managed to kick the hunter-droid loose – but not before TAZI’s father escaped the ship and found himself in unfriendly hands. Now the crew needs to play ‘follow the Duros’ on a trail back through RODIA’s not-so-friendly jungle…