Month: December 2016

Episode 214 – Showdown on Korriban

Against their better judgement, the crew have gone to the planet of MORABAND to unite their load of refugees with their families and other stranded beings – including the offspring of TSAR. However, the sullen red planet that used to be named KORRIBAN holds dark secrets in it’s lightning filled skies, and even darker foes beneath them…

Special Guest Voices: Derek Doktor and Jacob Cohen

Some Listener Feedback in the Wild!

A  few of our fans have spoken up on Reddit – and with nothing but praise for the podcast!

Some choice quotes:


The full thread can be found on Reddit here.

Thank you guys for your feedback!

Episode 213 – The Wheel Keeps Turning

After a dangerous flight through the skies of VANDOSS, the crew escape into space with their load of refugees and the Devaronian doctor, DARLA. Where they go and what to do are the main questions on the crew’s minds, but what hasn’t DARLA told them yet that they need to know?

Special Guest: Axel Kelley as Zora