Month: January 2017

Episode 217 – Law and Disorder

Returning to the planet of TOOLA was supposed to be a chilly, but easy ‘find something and get out’ run for the crew, but as they disembarked from the ship, KARRELL found herself facing a large posse of local law enforcement with a demand for her arrest. What crime was committed to warrant such a turnout of suspicious security forces, and more importantly – is KARRELL guilty of whatever crime that is?

Episode 216 – That’s Not A Moon…

Being interviewed by the Jedi has became a regular occurrence for the crew, and this time they find themselves waiting to hear what the Jedi Council says about the information – and the dead body – that KARRELL had brought to their door. While the crew waits, they find themselves at loose ends on CORUSCANT, where poor choices lead to unforeseen circumstances…

Episode 215 – Jedi Nights

A desperate battle now behind them, the crew of the Krallet’s Fang must deal with two dozen rescued refugees, a Twi’lek who wants to go home, and a dead body. A return to Coruscant is in their future, but what will the Jedi Council think of the return of their prodigal daughter, her new friends and their cargo?