Month: February 2017

Episode 219 – Who You Gonna Call?

A missing Sith Holocron, ghosts that pester KAIO’s paranoia, and a discordant kyber crystal all add up to the crew needing to revisit the now-unabandoned temple in the snowy outlands of TOOLA. They need to leave port as soon as possible to deal with all these things, but what else waits for them at this unsettled vergance in the Force?

Redemption Seasons and Episode Numbering

I’ve had a few questions recently from new listeners asking “Where do I start?? Do I really need to listen to 219 hours of your podcast?”

The answer is, of course you do.

No, just kidding. We don’t have 219 hours of episodes. 🙂 Our Episode numbering follows the TV-episode numbering scheme where it is SEASON+EPISODE – so episode 218 is episode 18 of Season 2.

I believe once we are into Season 3 we will switch to the format of S03E01 or 3×01 for less confusion – but just wanted to make sure we weren’t scaring anyone away with our numbering scheme.

Episode 218 – Apparition for the Prosecution

KARRELL sits in jail accused of murder as two Jedi Masters debate her fate. Meanwhile  the rest of the crew work on creatively distracting everyone and everything to get her free. When the evidence is heard, what will the final verdict be, and why do the creepy ghosts keep telling KAIO that she is guilty?