Month: March 2017

Episode S03E02 – Making It Rain

On board JUNK FORT STATION Karrell and Tazi have found a noodle dish they love, and people are showering the crew with money thanks to the discovery of A1’s shady past as an enforcer droid. Everything seems to be going well, but word of the return of the sector’s most infamous droid has also made it to unfriendly ears in the underworld…

Special Guest: Kalum from the RolisTes Podcast as the trader Ord.

Episode S03E01 – Getting Away From it All

With the Force ghosts and loopy family members behind them, the crew get set to travel  out to the rim to find some peace and work. A chance to get away from Republic, Separatist, Jedi and basically everything that has plagued them for the past few months. But going out to the lawless areas of space have their own challenges and dangers, and the past has ways of catching up with you even in the deepest darkness of space.