Month: April 2017

Episode S03E04 – Mining Your Own Business

KAIO has gone missing, A1’s being frustratingly coy about it, and the ship’s coffers are empty… leaving the crew nearly out of fuel at a remote outpost on a small moon. The natives seem to be both friendly and informative, so the understrength team sets out for the old mine where they hope to find some buried treasure, and maybe to reunite with an old friend.

Special Guests:
Quinn Wilson from Swallows of the South as Koshak
Emily Morgan from She’s a Super Geek as Isla

Bonus Episode – GrandCon 2016

Chris ran a game for some fans at GrandCon back in 2016, and we finally have had time to edit and release the audio! This game chronologically falls around the end of Season 2 when the crew was back on TOOLA.

This Episode’s Cast:

Chris Burlew as the GM
Kendall Jung as the Wookiee Fruth, the Bruiser
Don Passalt as Dyson the Sniper
Gary Benson as Trugg the Mechanic
Chris Nottingham as Feff the Slicer
and Tony Fanning as Za-go the Hutt Politico

AcadeCon Kickstarter:

Episode S03E03 – Navigating to Naos

Discovering the truth of R3-A1’s past has caused the crew to leave JUNK FORT STATION ahead of schedule, and without picking up a new job. Instead, they head deeper into Wild Space to look for KAIO’s buried treasure, in the hopes that it will solve their immediate cashflow issues. 

(Note: Please stay tuned at the end of the episode for a special announcement.)

Show Notes: