Month: May 2017

Episode S03E06 – Workin’ in a Ryll Mine

The never-ceasing sounds of the drill kept A1 and KARRELL company as TAZI ran back to town for supplies. While he was there, he also found out that the ore they had found was a very valuable mineral called ryll kor. Enlisting the aid of the engineer ISLA, the pair of Duros return to the claim to find out that plans had grown as much as the pile of ore that was being mined…

Special Guest:
Emily Morgan from She’s a Super Geek as Isla

Episode S03E05 – Just Another Rock in the Wall

Digging through the rocks wasn’t the “buried treasure” that the crew was counting on, however they did manage to land on a planet without making enemies. As they continue to search for KAIO’s secret, it seems some of the crew may be making secret plans of their own…

Special Guests:
Quinn Wilson from Swallows of the South as Koshak
Emily Morgan from She’s a Super Geek as Isla