Month: August 2017

Episode S03E13 – Reunited

With TAZI’s mother and father back together on TOOLA, the crew gets word that ISLA is due to awaken shortly. As they rush back to DURO so that TAZI can be on hand when she recovers, they have time to catch up as a group, and A-1 receives a mysterious message.

With Special Guests:
Melissa Burlew as Seku
Jon Neary as Illar
and Richard Kreutz-Landry as Reese

Episode S03E12 – Mother’s Day

Recovering the BACTA and returning it to the hospital earned the crew a lot of gratitude from the grateful medical staff on DURO. With ISLA now no longer at death’s door, the crew has to decide what to do with two spare ships, a lot of information on the separatists, and most importantly — what to do with TAZI’s mom.

Special Guest: Dani Neary from The CypherCast as Verita.