Month: February 2018

Episode S04E01 – Jedi Trials and Tribulations

Having faced down a LORD OF THE SITH has left the crew shaken. With one Jedi Knight dead, ISLA lying unconscious in the medbay again, and TAZI and KARRELL left to pick up the pieces, what is the crew’s next move? JEDI MASTER THALL has some ideas, but they rely far too heavily on a questionable history of one of the crew’s forgotten past….

AcadeCon 2017 Patreon Special – Part 3

This episode, recorded live at AcadeCon 2017 showcases some of our Patreons who were in attendance. 

Discovering that Essek is being controlled by a split-off faction of Nightsisters, the group go in search of clues to find where this rogue element might be hiding…


Special Guests:

Dani Neary from The CypherCast as Verita.
John Neary as Ilar
Justin Koster as Yaas
Richard Kreutz-Landry as Reese