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Episode S04E11 – Droid Hunt

Having landed on the contested planet of Ryloth, the crew agree to go with REESE and ILAR to find a droid to experiment on. In the skies above, the droid army of the SEPARATISTS and the clone army of the … Continue reading

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Bonus Materiel for Patreons

There is about 6 hours of our “Lost Episodes” up in the Patreon Dropbox now. So stuff that was badly recorded in our first full session after character creation! While there was no editing for content, sound audio and additional … Continue reading

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S4 Special – Billy and Chris Talk About The Force

In this episode, our own GM Chris and Billy (former guest star and voice of Kazi and the Jedi Knight Keta) from the Fandible Soloshot Podcast discuss the mysticism that is called THE FORCE.  

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Episode S04E10 – Coincidences

Discovering both REESE and ILAR on board the very transport the crew were sneaking down to the planet on seemed to be a stroke of luck, but between the reluctant findees and the pilot distrustfully giving ISLA the poodoo-eye, what … Continue reading

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