Month: August 2018

Episode S04E12 – Stuck in the Middle

With SEPERATIST droids to the left of the crew, and the REPUBLIC forces to the right, our heroes still need to capture a droid prisoner. Can they manage that task as well as rescuing the twi’lek prisoners the droids are using as living shields?

Special Guests:

Eric Ausley as Kando
Richard Kreutz-Landry as Reese
And John Neary as Ilar

A Special Announcement

Our very own player of Isla has made this post on She’s a Super Geek talking about her change-of-name which is now official. Please give it a good read!

Long live Andi! 🙂 Please everyone support her and show her some love. Changing your name is a huge thing and her courage to find a moniker that she loves is to be admired – so start admiring! 🙂

Starting with the next episode release, we will start using her chosen name.