Month: September 2018

Episode S04E14 – Where Do We Go From Here?

Back aboard the REPUBLIC cruiser, A-1 and Ilar race to find a crack in the droid code that could turn the tide of the war. Meanwhile Tazi and Isla have to face her past head on as they interrogate their prisoner, and learn more than they bargained for.


With Special Guests:

Tracy from The Broadswords as Amara
Richard Kreutz-Landry as Reese
and John Neary from Tales of Blood and Stone as Ilar

Episode S04E13 – Shell Game

Finally the crew have a droid-brain in hand, and it’s time to leave the war-torn world of RYLOTH behind for the safety of the REPUBLIC fleet.  Safety being a relative term, what is the shadowy OPERATOR doing with R3-A1’s memories?

Special Guests:

Eric Ausley as Kando
Richard Kreutz-Landry as Reese
And John Neary as Ilar