Month: November 2018

Episode S04E18 – Adventures in Clothing Acquisition

With Tazi holed up in the suite at the top of the resort on CANTO BIGHT dealing with a disapproving tailor, Karrell and Isla go to find their own outfits to better blend in with the high-rollers and well to do of this decadent resort town. Unseen by the distracted crew, there are still beings following their every move, documenting them for some yet-unknown purpose….


Episode S04E17 – Vacation

Even though the crew’s hyperdrive is down for the count, they finally have found a resort planet to take a break on while they search for parts to repair the ship. Thanks to A-1’s slicing, the group has an all-expenses paid vacation on the very much not-an-ice-planet, CANTO BIGHT.  While they finally have time to relax and recuperate, and none too soon as TAZI starts to see people who are there one moment, and gone the next….


Special Guests:
Dakota from Shadow of the Cabal