Month: April 2019

Episode S04E29 – We Do the Job, and We Get Paid

The crew launch their ambush to secure their target, with the plan to trade the target to a local crime boss to free their child-fans from slavery. Dealing with the crime lords never goes smoothly, and even the best laid plans don’t always survive contact with the enemy.


Notes: Season 4 finale! Look for the next few releases to be recaps of previous seasons before Season 5 launches in a few weeks!

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Episode S04E28 – Dark Side of the Muun

With the crew finally working out their issues, they are finally united and ready to take on their mission for the crime lord JENNA DAKKAR. They just need to capture their target in order to free the orphans that they have promised to liberate. But nothing is that simple, as the crew is due to find out…

(Season finale – part 1 of 2)


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