Month: September 2019

Episode S05E07 – Too Many Legs!

redemption logoThe nefarious R3-K3 that had spent so long masquerading as a member of the crew has gotten loose and taken over the KRALLET’S FANG! With Tazi paralyzed, and Karrell under attack by a set of mechanical monstrosities, how will the crew get out of this precarious predicament?


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Episode S05E06 – Pest in the Machine

redemption logoKarrell’s interview and mission with the Jedi is done, but while she was returning from the temple, Tazi and Isla were dealing with three droids – two of which are sort of themselves and one in a powered-down pile waiting to be interrogated. They need a good slicer, so they call for help – which arrives at the same time as does a danger to the crew, the ship, and the planet itself.

Special Guest:

May (@liqquidfire on Twitter and other social media) as Ny’ssnda



Kobold Press – Check out the Tome of Beasts – Pocket Edition!

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