Month: October 2020

Episode S06E05 – Disruption

The ship had arrived on Coruscant just in time to witness explosions tear through one wing of the JEDI TEMPLE. Moving quickly to the scene of the attack, the crew try and help out as chaos rocks the usually tranquil home of the JEDI. New bonds are formed, and Karrell is given a rather unusual task that will take the group way beyond their normal comfort zone.


Episode S06E04 – Anger

Three more weeks in hyperspace allow Quinth and Zhaan to learn more about the crew of the Krallet’s Fang, and also allows the crew to find out more about their passengers. Karrell gets a lesson in patient understanding in dealing with Zhaan, while Tazi and Quinth test each other’s capacity for alcohol. But at the end of the journey, what sort of dire events await them as they return to Coruscant?