Month: March 2021

Episode S06E12 – Reconciliation

Finally ferreting out the details of both MASTER TOVAR’s goals, as well as her dynamic with Zhaan, the crew finally set off back towards home. CORUSCANT will bring them back to the familiarity of the KRALLET’S FANG, but before they can relax, Karrell has some fences to mend, as well as figuring out how to report on all they have learned…


Episode S06E11 – True Neutral

With the simulator battle behind them, the crew finally are admitted to MASTER TOVAR’s inner circle, and briefed on what the job entails. However, finding out that their new employer is actually Zhaan’s sister is the least of the surprises in store as they dig into the purpose of this new organization…

Episode S06E10 – Caught in the Crossfire (again)

Obstacle courses, trapped rooms, poison and a social gathering have all been tests of various kinds – tests the crew so far has managed to weather. MASTER TOVAR seems to know more about Zhaan than the crew does, so is she more than she seems? Also, there is one final test before them, will the crew be able to trust each other well enough to succeed?