Breanna Shen

Mandalorian Warrior and Deathwatch Survivor

Likes: Guns. Holotube videos about guns. 

Dislikes: Bullies. The color orange for some reason. Any animal or insect with more than 4 legs.

Attitudes towards the Jedi: Favorable. There’s some good folks there, and they have a code they follow, and Bree respects that. Too bad they all died.

Political Views: The Separatists have some good ideas but their leadership is only in it for power and themselves. Same as the Republic. They are two sides of the same coin.

Goals: Find jobs, make money, find a purpose. Try not to hurt the weak while doing the aforementioned.



Bree was born into Clan Vizla on Concord Dawn as part of the group of exiled traditionalists who opposed Duchess Satine Kryze in the Civil War. She was second of two children, both girls, and they were both raised in the Warrior’s way – the true way of Mandalore.

She earned her first beskar piece at the age of 10 – during a skirmish against some pirates that tried to raid their settlement. She killed three of the pirates on her own, the last one with his own vibroknife, which she still carries ina shadow sheathe in her armor.

She was raised in the formative fire of Deathwatch – and she was raised to  believe in a reunited Mandalore. During numerous fights against the “insurgents”, she stood out more and more as a warrior, fully earning her set of armor before her 14th Lifeday.

But, by the time that Deathwatch started working with Dooku and their methods turned more violent and terrorist, she started questioning the path tat their leaders were setting for them. First speaking out, but then after seeing what Pre Vizla was willing to do, and how far he was willing to go, she actually took a stand against the remnants of Deathwatch as they tried to subjugate a group of natives on Carlac. There she was defeated and was left for dead – but survived because a nearby Jedi spy saw her stand against her clanmates and took her offworld, back to Coruscant, and saved her life.  

Since leaving Coruscant, she has done a few jobs in the outer rim but most people give her a wide berth because of her armor, not wanting to offend or be tied to a mando. One of her first gigs was with Zhaan and Quinth, where she was able to hold off a group of mercenaries while the other two finished a data-steal and they retreated back to the ship.

Since then, she’s been scavenging and taking bounty hunter gigs trying to stay alive. She refuses to sell her armor or weapons as they are all she has of her true clan – but the logo of the Watch – that she once proudly wore on her shoulder – now is scarred and damaged with marks deep-set into the beskar, severing the logo and Bree’s ties to it.