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We have new art for season four, from the very talented artist Your Toy Robot! You can find his website here –


Tonight is recording night, and the UPS guy brought me my new microphone arm and shock mount just in time!


Just so y’all know, we now own! You can still reach us at our original URL, but this one is much easier to remember. 🙂


Did some minor tweaks to the site today, including links to the great shows in the RPG Academy network, in addition we have a new link at the top to see a rough timeline of the currently published episodes!


Redemption no longer stands alone in a dark galaxy long ago, and far, far away. We’ve joined The RPG Academy Network of Podcasts!  (You can find the announcement here on Reddit) In celebration, we’ll release a new episode this weekend! 🙂


Reminder! If you would like to be put in the drawing for a $20 gift card to iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play – enter our April giveaway! All you have to do is leave us an honest review on iTunes or Stitcher (and it has…


The crew has new art! We commissioned character pieces from a talented artist we found on Reddit by the name of Will Nunes ( and he did an amazing job with the new headshot for the characters. Go see each on their respective character pages…


We were so happy to be nominated for the Star Wars Podcast Awards, and while we didn’t quite make the cut for People’s Choice, we are in the Semi-Finals for Best New Podcast! You have until March 24th, 2016 to go out and vote for…


We are giving away one digital (iTunes) copy of Star Wars: Episode VII when it comes out later this month! All you have to do to win is visit our fan page, tweet, and you’ll have a chance to win!


Our GM, and player of R3-A1, Chris Burlew, guest stars on this week’s “Party of One” podcast playing Feng Shui 2!…/05-feng-shui-2-with-chris-burlew