Episode S05E15 – The Mask of Darth Nihilus

redemption logoEn route to the JEDI TEMPLE to return the Mask, relationships are strained on board the ship. Late at night emotions run high, and an unlikely alliance is formed. With the ship only a few days out from the temple, but will they still be a crew of five once they arrive?

Special Guest:

Angela Craft from the Fandible Podcast as Tuco “Two Toes” Malone



Fish in the Pot – A Zine full of characters to add personality to your table top RPG.

D&D Beyond – The official tool kit for Dungeons and Dragons!

Knuckledragger – A virtual tabletop interface with its own built in RPG system, Knuckledragger is the first VTTRPG. Play in browser on any computer.

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