Frequently Asked Questions

There aren’t too many of these to start, because, no one’s asking anything yet. 🙂 However, as we get some, we’ll add them here to the ones that are freely volunteered.

  • Who are you, and what do you do / who do you play?

Chris: Our GM, player of R3-A1, and assistant editor.
Andi: Player of Isla Zharla
: Player of Karrell, webmaster, and editor.
May: Player of Ny’ssnda
Michael: Player of Enssan Tazi.
Nathan: Player of Kaio Greel.

  • Why are you doing this?

Originally, Chris, Kaylee, Michael and Nathan had been RPG gamers for decades, but we’d never been at the same table at the same time. Chris and Kaylee had been in a group since 1999, and Michael and Kaylee gamed together before the days of cell phones.

One of the things that all four agreed upon is that what we want most for out of our games is a good story and separately we weren’t finding that. We’d been listening a lot to inspirations and podcasts about gaming, such as One Shot and Campaign – and it really drove us to find a group that could tell a great story together, not just roll some dice every few weeks. Within a couple hours of the first character-building session getting off the ground, we knew we had to record these sessions because we’d found what we’d been looking for.

In the middle of Season 3, Nathan had to take a leave of absence from the show to become a new father, and Andi joined our cast full time at that point with Isla. Early in Season 5, May joined the team.

  • When do you release episodes?

During the first 8 months of the show (Oct 2016 – Aug 2017) we released on the 1st and 15th of the month – but now we’re bi-weekly! Every other Monday we release a new episode, and on the off-Mondays, we release outtakes to our supporter peeps on Patreon.

  • What sort of gear / software do you use?

We record into a Zoom R16 8-channel mixing board for sound – recording individual tracks to an SD card that is then imported into a Macbook Pro. Microphone wise, the local table (Chris, Kaylee and Michael) use MXL990 mics. Emily uses a Blue Yeti at her home, and her audio reaches us via Discord video chat. (She also records locally.)

Editing is done on a MacBook Pro running REAPER for main audio editing, then it is mixed with voiceover tracks, music, and published out to iTunes and everywhere else.

  • How do you put this all together?

Every month the crew gets together for about 6 hours to record in a marathon game session. (Andi remotes in over Discord) This 6 hours of raw audio is edited by Kaylee and broken down into about 3 episodes of actual audio. The audio is imported into REAPER and then the laborious process of removing most of the “umms”, cutting out (and saving!) a bunch of outtakes for the Patreons, and finally assembling and rendering the final episodes which are uploaded and queued to release at midnight every other Monday. This process takes about 8 hours of work for each episode for editing, so roughly every episode is the result of 10 hours of play and work.

  • Where did you get the music for the show?

The intro and outro musics are Creative Commons tracks by the guys at www.BrickTrick.de – any other musics are credited in individual show notes.

  • Who did the character art?

For the first three seasons, the portraits of Kaio, Karrell and Tazi were commissioned from a very talented artist named Will Nunes. You can find him at the following URL: http://willnunesart.com

For season 4, we retained the services of artist and Twitter-pal @yourtoyrobot to do our new art.

  • What year is it, if I want to figure out where this fits into the Star Wars timeline?

Redemption starts in the year 23 BBY.

The Clone Wars starts during Season 3.