Isla Zharla

First Mate Isla Zharla—mysterious Duros

Age: Adult (exact age unknown)
Skin: Teal
Eyes: Orange
Sex: Female
Gender: Female (she/her)
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Nickname: Huntress

Isla met the crew of the The Krallet’s Fang on Naos III. She thought she was a mechanic originally from Duros whose father had been chased off world by political assassins. Tazi negotiated that in lieu of direct payment for her mining assistance the crew would drop her off within a reasonable distance. After she got hit by half an exploding spaceship, the crew rushed Isla to a hospital on Duros. After she woke up from a decent length coma, she discovered her memories had been majorly tampered with… but no one is sure when her memory was modified. The crew has tracked down some of her shady past, but they still have more questions than answers. She was either an acolyte of or a hopeful under Darth Plagueis who tracked down sentient creatures for unwholesome experiments in the Sith’s attempts to cheat death. She’s mostly overcome the pull to the dark side (at least, Karrell hopes so). Her link to the force is growing stronger as is her relationship with Tazi. More than discovering her past, Isla wants Tazi to take a hint already!