Kaio Greel

kaio-webNautolan Medic and Gunner on the Krallet’s Fang

Alias: Talon Toshida (ep 215)

(Bio ghost-written by R3-A1)

Originally born on Glee Anslem – the historical homeworld of the natuolan race – Kaio was unique in that he was a very proficient player of trid games. So much so, that when – in front of all his friends and family – in their submerged in their rustic aqua-pod farm, he managed to beat the game ‘Stellarfighter’, which no one had done before. Later that night, he was approached by a Duros recruiter to take him away from his aqua-pod and to help defend the galaxy.

Sadly, his training to be the best gunner in the galaxy was interrupted as the jedi stepped in to defeat oncoming armada, leaving Kaio with a lot of free time. So he decided to go to medical school – to become a brilliant surgeon and doctor. Sadly, this too was interrupted when he received word from his genius sister who was at a school for ‘gifted’ children on Coruscant. She said that the school was hurting her and the other students, and she needed rescuing. Kaio spent all of his remaining credits, and gave up his burgeoning career in medicine, to hire a ship and break into the Republic facility holding his sister, and escape with her. She was put into cryo, and she and Kaio headed out into the Outer Rim – far from Republic control.

Oh and when at a bar, he shot a rodian before the rodian could shoot him.