Karrell’in Tarness

karrell-webGeneral Information:

Name: Karell’in Tarness (Karrell)
Race: Female Twi’lek
Birth: 57BBY, Telos IV  (34 years old at the start of Redemption)
Death: n/a
Family: None, deceased.
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 130lbs
Skin: Blue-green with a darker blue markings.



Born on Telos IV to a mother who was a servant / slave to the wife of a member of the Government house, Karrell saw how slavery worked up-close, though she was never made a slave herself – since on Telos IV you could own slaves (called indentured servants), but not force a sentient into slavery – they had to sell themselves.

Life wasn’t onerous for the young twi’lek girl, however her mother’s life was never good – and later Karrell would understand what it all meant – her mother would be gone until early morning and would come back with bruises, or would just cry silently when she thought her daughter was asleep.

Shortly before Karrell’s fifth birthday (53 BBY) an uprising against the local government broke out – unrest that left many innocents dead in the chaos and blaster-fire – innocents including her mother. Karrell was found by a Jedi in the aftermath, and recognizing her newly awakened force-sensitivity, she was actually taken to Coruscant to being training. She stayed there for over a decade as Initiate before being chosen as a Padawan to Master Vannel Dane, a human Jedi Knight.

Karrell, having learned the Jedi code quickly, excelled at her lessons – growing strong in the Force that left her a cunning defensive fighter with both the classic lightsaber as well as the two-bladed saber-staff.  In late 39 BBY however, during her quest for a crystal on Ilum, she was unable to complete one of the Jedi Trials – the trial of Spirit. Her still-resentful feelings toward slavers and the senseless killings that took her mother from her left her at odds with the harmony and self-peace that the Code taught, and that trial, pushed her far enough off balance to make her withdraw from the Padawan program.

The Jedi Temple assigned her to one of it’s Service Corps, where she spent a decade traveling across the Outer Rim before she came across a group of slavers. Slavers which, after a series of “mysterious accidents” no longer prowled the galaxy. After the realization of what had been done had time to sink in – she voluntarily left the Jedi Service Corps and struck out on her own – turning to a collection of loose-end jobs as a ship’s mechanic to keep her moving and find places where no one wanted to ask her questions.

Thus she found herself at loose ends and low on cash on Tattooine when a Durosian pilot and his Nautolan friend came asking for information about a slaver named Cantor…