Quinth Va’Lad

Bothan Negotiator and Ship-Mom. Owner of the Social Detox.

Quinth joined the ship in season six.

Quinth Va’Lad (she/they) is 45 years old. She’s part of the Lab clan whose most famous current member is Senator Polo Se’Lab. She was raised in a large group of niblings on Bothawui. Quinth studied diplomacy and spying and started running small jobs for SpyNet when she was 12. Quinth then ran spy jobs and mercenary jobs with various crews for a long time. She worked especially with the Hutts, often spying on the Hutts & their employees while working “for” them. About 5 years ago Quinth discovered Zhaan stowed away on a ship they were a mercenary on, vouched for her, and started watching over her. Zhaan has proved good company, a good asset, and a good pain in the ass. Zhaan reminds Quinth of themselves at her age and their children, too. Quinth is proud of their spaceship known by many names but mostly the Social Detox.