Ship’s Droid

R3-A1 (or A-1 as he has started to be called by the crew of the Krallet’s Fang) is a small, yellow astromech droid that Enssan Tazi found on board the ship once it was recovered from the Deveronian slaver, Cantor.  Seemingly a normal astromech droid (though with some rather unusual attachments, such as a spring-loaded rubber hand, a ticker-tape style printer that extrudes printouts when asked, and a cryo-torch) the crew found out on Trandosha that R3-A1 had actually been planted on Cantor by the Trandoshan Bounty Hunter Crad’dosk and forced to report on Cantor – and now the crew of the Krallet’s fang by his programming and some aftermarket on-board hardware.

Now, given his freedom by the crew, A-1 has proven to be a solid, if somewhat over-literal member of the crew – though no one has seemed to notice his gambling addiction…