RPG Academy Network

In May of 2016 we joined the RPG Academy Network – a great collaboration of some of the best podcasts and sites out there! Here’s a list of the RPGAN members:

 rpgacademy The RPG Academy – Home of the network, and producer of podcasts such as Table Topics, Wrought Iron (a D&D Actual-Play podcast) and home for AcadeCon!
City of Brass – a fully-featured app specifically designed to manage the mechanics of pen-and-paper games allowing you to focus on what matters:
playing that game.
 feartheboot Fear the Boot – A long-running general RPG discussion podcast.
Gamer’s Plane – A great site for play-by-post games that gives you the tools and place you need to run a great game online.
Greyhawkery – News, nostalgia and nonsense concerning all things Dungeons & Dragons – especially the World of Greyhawk Setting.
 melvinsmif Melvin Smif’s Geekery – A great RPG blog full of reviews, commentary and nerd-stuff!
 openlygamer Openly Gamer Theater – A site dedicated to Role-Play Dramas, Actual Plays and Audio Dramas!
  Redemption – An actual-play Star Wars podcast set just before the Clone Wars. (Also, you’re on our website. :D)
Riverhouse Games Podcast – Home of the Game Closet, the show about queer and LGBT+ tabletop games and gamers.
Rolistes Podcast – A London-based tabletop RPG interview podcast!
  Shadow of the Cabal – An actual-play Legend of the 5 Rings podcast with great acting and an awesome story.
  Swallows of the South – Swallows of the South is a lighthearted actual play podcast featuring the Exalted 3rd edition system.