The Krallet’s Fang

ZH-25_QuestorThe Krallet’s Fang is a lightly modified Starfeld ZH-25 Questor model of light freighter, first acquired by the Tazi family by Essai TaziEnssan Tazi’s great-grandfather.

The ship was passed down from Essai Tazi to Ibben Tazi, then to Essak TaziEnssan’s father. Essak’s family was in need of supplies and credits, and in a fit of drunken desparation, Essak agreed to a trade the ship for 60,000 credits to a Devaronian named Cantor at a little less than half of the value of the ship.

While attempting to deposit the new-found credits in his account, Essak found that the credits were counterfeit and was arrested by city security forces for forgery and attempting to pass counterfeit currency.

Years later, after Essak’s “death in prison”, Tazi went on the hunt. With the help of his new friends Kaio and Karrell, he was able to reclaim the ship from Cantor, leaving him for dead and taking what he felt was rightfully his,. After all, the payment for the ship was never truly paid to Essak.

Cantor had spent many years using The Krallet’s Fang as a smuggling and slaving vessel, and Tazi will do whatever it takes to clean up the ship’s galactic reputation and restore some honor to the ship and his family’s name.

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After Order 66 – Tazi gifted the ‘Fang to Karrell as she and some refugee Padawans went out into WildSpace.