Redemption Timeline

Here’s the overall timeline of the Krallet’s Fang and her crew.

Episode Number Galactic Date
What Happened / Where
100 23BBY/M8/D21 Karrell, Tazi and Kaio meet on Tattooine. (Unaired, horrible audio.)
M8/D24 Krallet’s Fang arrives on Ryloth.
M8/D26 Ship leaves Ryloth and heads to Lahsbane
M8/D34 Group spends the night on Lahsbane.
M9/D3 Wookiee drop-off above Trandosha.
M9/D4 Drop onto Trandosha.
 101 M9/D5-6 Interview with a Jedi aboard the Republic Blockade.
 102 M9/D6-D9 Trip to Ruusan interrupted as they drop out of hyperspace at Randon. Shopping on Randon
103 M9/D9-12 Invasion of / Escape from Randon.
104 M9/D12-14 Bottle episode aboard the Krallet’s Fang en route to Ruusan. Karrell has an unexpected visitor.
105 M9/D14-15 The crew meets with Senator Wraif and alerts him to the Yinchorri assault on Randon.
106 M9/D15-16 Time spent on Ruusan working out personal issues, and repairing the ship.
107 M9/D16 The crew discuss their issues, and find themselves in a bar fight to release some tension.
108 M9/D17 The crew are lauded rather publicly for their efforts of bringing help to the people of Randon – but then the Yinchorri attack Ruusan.
109 M9/D17 A desperate battle on the slowest getaway vehicle ever, then a fight in the skies to defend the people of Randon.
110 M9/D17-D24 The crew and the ship get repaired, and they order some new gear from Stellar-Ebay. A celebratory meal is held in their honor.
111 M9/D24 The crew interrogate the Yinchorri and Tsar and Karrell have a long conversation.
112 M9/D24-D30 The crew return to the Republic Blockade and report back to the Jedi.
 113  M9/D30-D31 A quick trip down to Kashyyk, and the crew inadvertently ‘leave’ with some speeder bikes.
 114  M9/D31-D34 A meeting with Count Dooku goes unexpectedly – so the crew decide to run away and end on the cold planet of Toola.
115 M9/D34-M10/D3 A bar fight, a shopping trip, and then a cold, shivering trip across the snowy, snow-demon infested plains of Toola.
116 M10/D4 – D5 A spooky temple has everyone’s nerves on edge. A1, Kaio and Tazi are seeing and hearing things, but some old holorecordings bring a new light on an old acquaintance.
 117 M10/D5 – D8 Karrell is visited again by her former master, and builds her lightsaber. The crew discuss using the abandoned temple as a base, but return to the ship to find a message about Tazi’s thought-to-be-dead-father.
End of Season 1