Zhaan G’kar

Enforcer and resident sugar-a-holic

Name: Zhaan G’Kar

Race: Female Zeltron

Age: 18 years (as of season 6)

Family: G’Kar: Bilar (father), Aeryna (mother) Jayna (sister), Crais (brother), Talia (sister)

Height: 5’2” 

Weight: 121lbs

Skin: Hibiscus Red/Magenta

Eyes: Violet

Hair: Long dark blue/black hair

Homeworld: Zeltros


Zhaan had the happiest childhood and was never without. Newest toys and tech? She had them! Her family lifestyle was extremely hedonistic and she never knew anything different. That’s love, right? She rarely was able to spend time with her workaholic parents or her siblings that were much older than she. 


In her younger childhood years you could find Zhaan playing among the palm trees and sand at one of her family’s personal oceanfront estates, being chased around by her Au Pair Lexi & Matron Leosha. Zhaan eventually grew out of enjoying simplistic childhood activities that kept her busy, she wanted to explore and travel the galaxies but that wasn’t something her parents allowed. It was the only thing her parents ever denied her… making her yearn for it more.


Shortly after Zhaan turned 14 she took as many credits as she could sneak away with along with a backpack holding a few prized possessions, then stowed away on a freighter ready for adventure! Zhaan hasn’t been back to Zeltros or has had any communication with her family in the last 4 years. 


Zhaan had a string of self-inflicted bad luck and soon learned that it’s not a great idea to use any Hutt as a personal bank.  She could have been much worse off had it not been for that silver tongued Bothan stepping in and turning her punishment into indentured servitude that included a shiny new non-removable bracer.